Website Hosting & Support

Many of our web design clients in Charleston ask us if we will host and support their website after it is designed. Of course we will! We understand you have enough to do in the day than maintain and make changes to your website so we offer a variety of custom website hosting and support packages to meet your unique needs.

Don’t have the time to make changes?

Did your last web team mysteriously vanish?

We also migrate WordPress websites to our hosting from other web design and marketing firms. If you’re not happy with your current web designer’s level of support, please reach out and let us help you! We pride ourselves in same-day responses and quick solutions to your website issues. A down site or misinformation doesn’t help anyone, so let us know if we can take over your website hosting and support!

Support & Hosting Package Plans

1 hour/month of Support


Web Hosting + Support
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3 hours/month of support


Web Hosting + Support
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5 hours/month of Support


Web Hosting + Support
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