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Most everyone has witnessed traditional marketing. The billboard on the side of the road, the pamphlet tucked under your windshield wiper, the man spinning the sign outside of the Furniture store. And although that is all good and well, it’s just one side of the digital marketing coin, and one that you can’t rely on alone.

The world has gone digital and these days you can’t get by with traditional. You have to have a web presence and a strategy that embraces technology. That’s how your customer base is going to find you. It may sound daunting, but an experienced Charleston marketing agency can make it happen.

How does Lazarus Design Team, your local marketing agency, make it happen? We do a deep dive into who your customer is at their core--what motivates them, how they navigate on the web, their demographics, their interests, their actions. From there, we put our design minds together and devise a digital strategy to blow the competition out of the water.

Lazarus provides assistance from ideation to conception to optimization. We not only outline the plan but we make the main goal of the plan a reality . . . bringing in leads left and right. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and watch it happen.

Brennen Smith Lazarus Digital Marketing Agency

$2 Million+ of Sales Pipeline Value in 4 Months

Find out how we were able to generate more leads and build a plump pipeline for Kappler Design.

Are You Hungry? Yes? (then keep reading!), No? (Get outta here!)

We partner with clients who are hungry to grow, and bring them lead upon lead with our premier Charleston digital marketing strategies.

Why Sync Up with Lazarus Charleston as Your Marketing Agency? (In case you need more convincing)

You don’t have the bandwidth to worry about marketing while growing a biz, so leave that to us!
We’re fun! Enough said.
We’re a group of experts for the price of one full-time marketing director. You do the math.
We have 12+ years of marketing experience.
We’re made up of millennials and Gen-Zers. Who else would you want working on your digital presence?


Are your marketing efforts flopping?

We will create a custom-tailored strategy for your business and implement everything. Our team will be your in-house marketing team, ready to do what it takes to grow your business to new heights.

Digital Marketing is an Investment that Keeps on Giving

Let’s cut to the chase. Do you want your business to make more money? THIS IS HOW.
Investing in a Charleston digital marketing agency will be the best decision your business ever made.

Web Design

Using a scientific web design approach, we’ll build a site that converts users into customers.


Own your industry by dominating Google rankings with best SEO practices and techniques.


Start getting results immediately and accelerate your sales with our PPC campaigns.

Social Media Management

Engage with your audience with posts guaranteed to increase engagement.

Graphic Design

Design a brand image that you’re proud to show to the world and is unique to your business.

Conversion Optimization

Use data to optimize landing pages and ads to make sure you’re converting customers.


Make sure your copy is clear and concise because words sell products and services.

Content Creation

Create highly valuable content for your audience to win new customers.


Our marketing technology provides insights into customer behavior, tracking, and powerful analytics.
Client Review

You Heard it Here First

Lazarus Design Team did an amazing job improving our online visibility! Not only did they create a complete and comprehensive marketing strategy for our specific niche market, they also constantly come up with new ideas and stay on top of everything at all times. Thank you Lazarus for everything you do, we really love working with you!
Julia Kappler
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What's Next?

Let's Build Your Marketing Engine

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