Social Media Marketing

Social media is a testing ground for your content.

It’s a way to experiment and find out how to engage with your audience and community in the moment. But all too often, Charleston businesses randomly post content without much thought behind what they’re doing. They are thinking quantity over quality when it comes to social platforms but it is just the opposite. Creating cohesive content for each individual platform takes a lot of time, strategy, and execution and is not done instantaneously. Social platforms need to be continuously maintained, updated, and monitored so as not to miss an opportunity to interact with your audience.

That’s where a social media consultant in Charleston comes into play. Social media consultants specialize in content creation and ensure that your digital presence is always spot on and actively creating opportunities within your industry.

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Instagram: Quick Tips

  • Hashtags are vital to building a following. You are allowed up to 30 per post.
  • If you reach 10,000 followers you’ll be granted access to a “Swipe Up” feature.
  • By transitioning to a business account, you will be able to view platform analytics.
  • The top 6 posts of your feed are what people see first. Try to keep them cohesive!
  • Work around the “one link in bio” limitation by investing in a link tool like Linktree.

Facebook: Quick Tips

  • The ideal length for a Facebook post is less than 80 characters.
  • Linking to sites outside of Facebook will hurt your post’s visibility.
  • Comments are great engagement. Not all comments require a public response.
  • Optimize your post timing to achieve ideal audience reach.
social media consultant charleston sc
social media consultant charleston sc

LinkedIn: Quick Tips

  • Encourage your team to get involved with your business page by turning on “employee notifications.”
  • Use hashtags on posts, but use them sparingly. Adding 2-3 hashtags is all that is necessary.
  • Complete all page info on LinkedIn. Pages with full completion receive 30% more views.
  • LinkedIn allows you to customize the CTA (Call to Action) on your page. Do so wisely!

Our Social Media
Marketing Process

Phase 1:

Discovery & Setup

We begin with background research and analyze the competition to set benchmarks for growth. We then create “customer personas” (most likely of someone you are trying to recruit) and create content plans and strategies around what they would most be interested in engaging with. We then set realistic goals to achieve each month, quarter, and year.

Phase 2:

Launch & Create

We gather imagery and assets from all available sources and mediums and go about creating a monthly plan for social postings and stories. We most likely stick to a 3x a week schedule We also devise a plan for optimum posting times and generate a list of brand-appropriate hashtags to use for each post. We send our monthly plan to you for review, edits, and approval. Once finalized, we schedule the content and monitor social performance. For “in-the-moment” posts like live events, we’ll create a WhatsApp team messaging channel so your team can easily contribute photos, videos, and live content.

Phase 3:

Ongoing Engagement

We’ll continuously engage with your followers and other accounts in your industry by liking, following, saving, sending, and commenting. Our focus will be to maintain and grow your presence and brand. We’ll continue with social media content creation each month to keep your social media presence strong, credible, and fresh.