Top Website Design Trends for 2022

Top Website Design Trends for 2022

Top Website Design Trends for 2022

Like fashion, website designs change every year. Of course, some designs stay “in fashion” longer than others, but with the ever-changing capabilities that technology is creating every day, you never know what is going to be “on trend” next. 

As a digital marketing agency, we have a pretty good pulse on website design trends and features that will be highlighted in 2022. 

We touch on a variety of topics to stay ahead of the game in web design for the coming year.

Mindful Design

One of the first website design trends for 2022 is mindful design. We’ve seen minimal design, the use of white space, and muted colors that are meant to calm and relax the mind. Now, what if you married all of those aspects to create what is called “mindful design?” 

Mindful designs are clean, crisp spaces that allow our eyes and minds to relax as we scroll through. 

It cuts through the clutter and gets to the useful content we are looking for. 

A clean, minimal website design allows for faster loading speed (an important point we will mention later) and makes it easier to translate and transition on a mobile device. 

Dark Mode

Need we say more? Facebook, Instagram, your phone, Kindle, and more offer a “dark mode” option that eases eye strain when scrolling at night. 

A dark background also lends to the appeal of a sleek, upscale design as well! 

Give your viewers the chance to toggle back and forth and allow them to choose what’s best for them! 

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Page Speed

We’ve mentioned this before, but if your page takes longer than 3 seconds to load, you’re losing half of your viewers. 

By having a clean, mindful web design that’s not full of dozens of photos, videos, or pop-ups, you’ll be able to enjoy faster loading speeds. 

Fast loading speeds = happy viewers. Happy viewers = potential clients!

Local SEO

According to Hubspot, 46% of all Google searches are driven by location. Those searching for “XYZ near me” or “XYZ close by.” Create your website with keywords like that to allow users to find you more quickly and easily! 

Intelligent Chat Bots

No longer are the days where you know you’re talking to a bot. Instead, chatbots are getting more and more human-like with the use of state-of-the-art technology. 

Consumers want instant gratification in terms of receiving responses to questions and inquiries. Now, with these chatbots, you can elicit human-like responses 24/7. 

Give the consumers what they want anytime, day or night by automating responses and having your chatbot do all the work! 

This helps to build trustworthiness and loyalty within your brand because you are meeting the clients’ needs for instant connection! 

Work with Lazarus Design Team

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