Top Mistakes to Avoid in Website Design

Top Mistakes to Avoid in Website Design

Top Mistakes to Avoid in Website Design

If your business is a home, your website is the garden, front porch, front door.  This is the first thing people will go to when looking into your products and services.  

So now ask yourself, does your website look like a beautifully kept home, or is it disheveled with broken windows, uncut grass, and faded paint? 

Take a look at your current website and see if you’ve made any of these top mistakes to avoid in website design.


One major mistake to avoid in website design is the style. When someone visits your website, does it look like they hopped a time machine back to Charleston in the early 2,000’s? If so, it probably needs a hefty design update.  

An outdated design will have an old copyright date, blog posts from years ago, and sometimes even incorrect contact information! 

Another way to know if your website is outdated is if it looks like it should be on an episode of Hoarders. If your website is cluttered, with no color scheme, and multiple forms of non-cohesive font, chances are, users will click away before they even read about your business. 

Clean lines, uniform text boxes, and easy-to-read fonts are what people look for in a website. Updated dates and current information are also crucial if you want potential clients to keep inquiring. You want to keep a cohesive look throughout that makes your website easy to use.


Speaking of usability, is your website user-friendly? Another mistake to avoid in website design is having a non-functional website.  A non-functional design means that it’s hard for users to move throughout the website, learn more about your business, and connect with you if needed. 

mistake to avoid in website design


if you can’t quickly and easily locate a navigation or page menu, you’re going to lose views, and your bounce rate will be less than satisfactory.  When users can’t move from one page to another without difficulty, they will navigate AWAY from your page instead of within it.  


Do your Call-To-Action buttons make sense? Are you using the right words to entice them to click that button? If you’ve got the wrong call-to-action, no one is going to click on it! 

Slow Loading

Did you know? If your website doesn’t load within 3 seconds of a user navigating to it, they will click off and go somewhere else? A slow-loading website can be the symptom of several issues, including design ones. For example, there could be an overload of plugins, add-ons, pop-ups, and more clogging up the site and causing it to slow down.  Where your website was built and how old it is could also add to the responsiveness as well. 

Don’t lose potential local clients because your website is slow. Instead, check your loading speeds and look at your website through the eyes of a future client in Charleston, SC.  


A non-responsive design means that it is not compatible with tablets, smartphones, and other browsers.  More than half of the people coming to your website view it on their mobile devices. If your website doesn’t have a mobile-friendly version, it makes it complicated to navigate a website designed for a larger screen on a small one.  

It’s also essential to make it responsive across all browsers.  Some people prefer Google Chrome, and others prefer Edge or Safari.  No matter how they get to your site, you want to ensure that it’s functional and usable across the board.  

Work with Lazarus Design Team

If you live in Charleston, SC, and you’ve found one or more mistakes with your website, it’s time to give us a call.  Here at Lazarus Design Team, we’ve got the experience and knowledge to help bring your website to life and back to the 21st century.  

These mistakes can be easily avoided by allowing us to build you a tailored, responsive website that will give your business a boost online! 

We are dedicated to giving you the best website for your business, and we pride ourselves on the ability to build most of them within 8 weeks using our proven 3-step process! 

If your website needs a facelift, connect with us today to get started!