Is your Website the Hub of your Marketing Strategy? It needs to be.

Is your Website the Hub of your Marketing Strategy? It needs to be.

Is your Website the Hub of your Marketing Strategy? It needs to be.

Running a successful business today goes beyond the four walls of the office. The push to digital has prompted brands to explore new options when it comes to marketing. In the realm of digital marketing, the importance of a clean and easy to interact with web design cannot be overstated. Web design has become an integral part of a business’s marketing strategy in the 21st century. We will go into more depth on how to effectively grow your business using web design here in Charleston, SC, and beyond!

At the end of the day, most people who hear about you will eventually find themselves on your website, whether on their mobile phone or desktop, exploring what you offer and trying to determine if you are a credible and trusted solution for them to turn to. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of other digital platforms that are important to engage customers such as search engines, social media, paid advertising, print media, and others, however, those platforms eventually all lead back to your website, which is your storefront to the world. To effectively maximize your business potential, you need to understand the online space. Our professionals in Charleston, SC focus on web design and digital marketing to enhance your existing brand.

1. Good Web Design Helps Set A Lasting First Impression 

Modern web design builds brand credibility. Just think about it, if a new visitor lands on your website to see your services and they see a disorganized mess that is confusing, they will immediately search again and find a more user-friendly website. Your business can be easily judged by a messy landing page. An outdated website leaves a negative impression on your brand. We often get the question, why don’t I build the website myself? To which we answer, it took us years to perfect our skills so we can build the perfect website for our customers on the first try, so it may cost more but you’ll end up paying it in the long run when you have to rebuild the website over and over again until you get it right.

The perception of your brand by customers goes a long way. Interestingly, it’s what keeps them faithful to your product. How attractive and user-friendly your webpage determines the longevity of your audience. This helps you build a digital brand that lasts.

2. Web Design Helps Your SEO Strategy 

With search engine optimization (SEO), a level of coordination and intentionality is important for Google to see you as an authority in the field. A well-organized website with interesting and credible content can grow its user base significantly. This in turn determines how search engine requests crawl and get redirected to your website. If you have a low-quality SEO and on-page SEO fundamentals, you will struggle to be recognized by Google.

Aside from how your content is posted, a few web design factors could affect your SEO. Factors such as website backlinks, meta tags and titles, page speed, and 404 redirects. When we build a new website for our clients, we make sure to take care of all of these elements so that you are starting on the right footing.

3. Web Design is your Storefront to the World

Right when a customer walks into a store for the first time, they take in the smells, the smiles, the layout, and the overall feel your company has established. In the digital world, this is the same. Your website could reveal to your audience how they’d be treated by your brand. The quality of your web design gives an overview of how you see your consumers and how you want them to see you. If little effort is given to the site design or digital presence, they will expect the same level of service from your brand. A brand’s website is synonymous with its products and services, or at least this is how the user sees it. A colorful, well-organized, and modern website makes the customers feel welcomed. Trust is established early on and a well-designed website shows that you are a trustworthy solution to their needs.

Charleston is known as a city of great hospitality and design. Let the web design you share with the world exhibit this same attention to detail.

4. If You’re Not Mobile-First, You’re Last

With virtually everyone having a smartphone today, making your web design mobile-friendly is key. Google SEO places mobile-first websites above others when ranking published content. With this in mind, we design all of our websites in Charleston, SC with a simple and clean interface that prioritizes mobile devices. We take our time in designing every aspect of the mobile version at the same time we are designing for the desktop. So next time you’re visiting a website, make sure to check it out on mobile because over 61% of Google users are checking it out on a mobile device.

The most striking benefit of mobile-friendly web design is the flexibility to engage with modern consumers at the touch of a button while they are a passenger in a car, walking outside your business on the sidewalk, or searching for the best solution to their immediate problem. If your web design is not designed for mobile, you can potentially lose out on 61% of the market.

5. Modern Customers Demand a Modern Digital Experience

As web designers and digital marketers in Charleston, SC, we pride ourselves in keeping updated with modern web design and marketing techniques. It’s known that technology is continuously updating, which makes it challenging to keep abreast of changes. In the web design field, new plug-ins and tools are introduced at an ever-increasing rate and our team helps you develop a website that ensures you are building at the front end so you have a web design that will last a decade. 

Our UI/UX web designers in Charleston, SC have vast experience in building user-friendly websites that you will be proud to show the world. Modern web design will allow your customers a user-friendly experience to visit again while also creating a digital hub for the users to engage anytime they need your service. At Lazarus Charleston, our goal is to ensure every website created is accessible and engaging to all levels of customers. 


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