Digital Marketing Vs. Traditional Marketing

Digital Marketing Vs. Traditional Marketing

Digital Marketing Vs. Traditional Marketing, Which Is Better?

When you think of traditional marketing, what do you think of? 

Do you envision a Mad Men-type scene with everyone sitting in a boardroom trying to come up with the latest slogan that will catch the eye of the consumers? 

Traditional marketing is the combination of print and media advertising that has promoted our businesses for years! 

Traditional marketing included giant billboards with big, bold phrases and postcard-style flyers sent to every home in the area. 

For decades it’s worked. It’s built up some of the biggest brands we know today!

But now we’ve transformed from roadside billboards to digital ads strategically placed because of our online interests. 

So now, in the age of digital marketing, which path is better? As a Charleston, SC business owner, where should you spend your marketing budget? Keep reading to find out! 

Visibility & Targeting

We mentioned above that traditional marketing gives you the opportunity to showcase your business on billboards and in newspaper ads, but what happens afterward? You see the sign driving on your way to work or glance at the ad in the newspaper while drinking your morning coffee, but then poof, it’s out of sight out of mind. 

Research has shown that a person needs to see, read, or hear about something 20 times before reacting. So how much work, strategy, and effort do you need to put in to ensure that every person in your target audience is seeing those ads at least 20 times in a short period of time to maximize retention? 

With digital marketing, you’re switching from billboards on a highway to strategically placed digital billboards all throughout the internet. 

Ads on search engines, top-of-the-page search results from intelligent SEO, social media ads, and more are giving your business a chance to be seen. 

When someone searches for a product or service that you provide using  “ABC in Charleston, SC” or “XYZ near me,” is your business showing up? 

digital marketing

Reachability & Grasp

Once someone sees your ad or your information through digital marketing efforts, they can follow the path that leads to your website! That’s the ultimate goal, right? Highlight and showcase your business through ads and bring people to your website to get complete insight!

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A stand-alone highway billboard or newspaper ad can’t lead you to a website. So instead, you’re creating a funnel or trackable campaign through your digital marketing efforts that allow you to review your plans and see what’s giving you the most bang for your buck! 

Digital marketing opens up an opportunity for growth and scale at unmeasurable lengths because of the strategy and reachability it provides to get your business seen by the right people. 

Digital Marketing or Traditional Marketing? 

We aren’t telling you to cancel your traditional marketing contracts. The best marketing strategy actually combines both traditional and digital marketing efforts. However, when it comes to today’s trends and the way people get information, digital marketing is where you should focus a majority of your time and budget. 

Here at Lazarus Design, our full service team can create, implement and manage your digital marketing strategy and portfolio so that you are seen and found by your target market. 

Your budget and ROI go further when you’re targeting the right people each and every time. 

Let’s work together to create a tailored strategy that takes your business to the next level!